International Relations, International Law and Constitutionalism

Antje Wiener's interest in research and teaching lies with international relations theory, democratic constitutionalism, international law, comparative politics and European integration theory. Her current research addresses the contested meaning of norms as the invisible constitution of politics. Current research projects include 'Activating the Normative Structure: Explaining Failed Security Policy Coordination' in the Integrated Research Project on Reconstituting Democracy in Europe (RECON) is financed by 6th Framework Programme of the European Union. Other research in this area includes a project on ‘ContestedMeanings of Norms - The Challenge of Democratic Governance Beyond the State'. The results of this project are now published with Comparative European Politics, 2007, 5, 1; CONNEX, Efficient and Democratic Governance in a Multi-level Europe which is financed by the EU's  6th Framework Programme.

Antje Wiener is currently a member of executive committee of the European Consortium for Political Research's Standing Group of International Relations (SGIR) and of the Governing Council of the International Studies Association (ISA). Among others, she serves as  associate editor for the forthcoming European Political Science Review (EPSR), is the founding co-editor of ConWEB Papers on Constitutionalism and Governance Beyond the State. She has taught at the Free University of Berlin, Stanford University, Carleton University, the Universities of Sussex, Hannover and Queen's Belfast and is a recurring visiting professor at the School of International Studies at the University of Trento.


Dr Uwe Puetter, Central European University Budapest (RECON)

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Professor Antje Wiener , Department of European Studies and Modern Languages, University of Bath, United Kingdom; Research Associate, CLPE
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